23. sep. 2003

Já og ég fékk umsögn herra Chappe á útsetningum mínum..! Hér kemur rumsan...!!


Another Blues to loose track 29

Composition :
OK in the style.
It would have been nice with some chromatic lines: it also would have been more of a challenge.

Voicings : OK
You use mostly diatonic approach, witch gives the arrangement a good flow, but it is also a little conform.
The minor second clashes in bar 1, 2, ( and 7)and 9 could be an effect, but then I think it should be more
obvious as a rhythmic motive. But that is your choice!
I don’t like the b9 interval in bar 4
4th voice awkward in bar 2.
But I like it very much in bar 6
Bar 9 : more Gm thank you.

See..! Minor Problem!!
(linear) track 30
Nice work
I would awoid the crossing of voices in bar 3 though.
tjek my bar 4 ???
Beginning of 5 a little to harsh. Tjek mine !!
The rest I like very much.

See..! Minor Problem!! basic
I would like a G7 on beat 4 in bar 3
I don’t like minor second clashes (bar 4) but its a choice ?
I see the point in swopping the voices to awoid repetitions of a note, but I wouldent do it in a tune like this.

þetta er eins og madurinn skrifadi þad.. þad getur verid mjög fyndid ad lesa póstana hans, stafsetning er ekki alveg hans forte.. jafnvel ekki mezzo..! Jesper sagdi mér meira ad segja eina sögu þar sem hann rugladi stöfum í nafni eins kvennkyns kollega síns og útkoman var þar med ordin ad einhverju "hjálpartæki"...!


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