16. des. 2004

Dramatískur texti um grúfið.

The groove is an organic thing, like a flower: It starts with a good seed and needs an environment fertile with nourishment so that it may flourish. When it’s fully grown, it becomes a thing of beauty. The groove is also somewhat of an enigma: You can’t touch it, but you can feel it; you can’t see it, but you can watch its effects. It can be powerful enough to move thousands of people, but you can kill it in an instant with a simple thought. When people play together and groove, the energy passes among the players and opens up a group link to its source. Everyone feels it, and the experience forms deep personal bonds. This energetic exchange creates a euphoric state that all musicians have experienced, either as listeners or players. When that chill runs up your spine, it’s the groove—the reason we play. On the other hand, when the groove isn’t happening, or gets sabotaged by ego or carelessness, it can turn brother against brother and create tension that will break up a band, get someone fired, or ruin reputations. The groove is serious business: It is something to honor, serve, and protect. If you mess with it, you’re in deep trouble.

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