6. feb. 2005

Nokkur falleg orð um Lakland.

"A “plain” four-stringer of this price category can of course appeal only to a very small group of buyers, especially since the first optic impression is that the standard Lakland really does not look that expensive. Nonetheless, the woods are certainly first quality, the instrument is perfectly manufactured, and it is excellently equipped. The highly comfortable, relaxed feeling when playing it represents a suitable equivalent. Finally, those far reaching excellent sound qualities allow this expensive dream instrument to appear in its proper light. The differentiated, highly refined, yet broad banded sound of strong character of the Lakland make such a powerful impression that you could actually be so unreasonable as to rob your account at the bank to purchase such a “simple” four-stringer."

The Lakland 55-94 is, without a doubt, the best realized bass guitar I have ever encountered.”

Well done Dan Lakin — you da man! The Lakland 55-94 is, without a doubt, the best realized bass guitar (and quite possibly the best realized solid body electric instrument) I have ever encountered. I don’t have even a quarter of the space it would take to tell you about all the features that contribute to make this such an extraordinary instrument, at every turn the Lakland offers you some system or design innovation that contributes to making this the ultimate bass playing experience.

For players who value the tradition of American bolt-on bass guitar construction but demand the innovative design and flawless craftsmanship more usually reserved for boutique, neck-thru funk machines, the Lakland is an absolute dream come true."


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