24. feb. 2005

Básúnu pönk jazz ... ú je!!

The Ridiculous Trio

Plays The Stooges

Mike Hagedorn - trombone

Shannon Morrow - drumset

Rob Pleshar - tuba

No Fun - 3:35

Down on the Street - 3:27

I Wanna Be Your Dog - 1:54

Dirt - 5:26

She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills - :47

Scene of the Crime/Death Trip
- 3:22

Not Right - 2:19

We Will Fall - 15:39

The above information is correct - trombone, tuba and drums (no vocals!)covering Stooges classics. And, I know what you're thinking - on paper, the novelty joke wears off before the ink dries. But after you get over said joke, you will find within these sessions the pure essence of rock and roll; and it's raw, loud and bitchin'. Challenge your assessment of one of rock's sacred cows. Produced and recorded by Mike Hagedorn, November 2004. Released November 2004.

Mike Hagedorn is extremely entertaining to watch play, he is a big bald fellow who realizes the comedic power of the trombone visually & aurally. He practices, what he calls, "Pimprovisation"...

" I make music that is simple, direct, but layered with subtext. I aim to bring challenges and rewards back to the listener, through subtle melody and explosive energy. Free of irony, innocence is restored, reverted to its primal state, and any further notion of style or genre is flushed away."


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