5. jan. 2006

I'm so proud


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Film-maker QUENTIN TARANTINO is vowing to spend every New Year's Eve in Iceland after enjoying a boozy night with a bar full of "supermodels".

The KILL BILL director is a longtime fan of Iceland and when friends invited him to see in 2006 there, he jumped at the chance.

He says, "I almost can't imagine New Year's anywhere else after that because Icelanders, they go and they drink like crazy any old way, but, on New Year's they lose their minds - in particular the women lose their minds and like drink like crazy.

"We were in this club full of all these drunken girls and this one girl is like, 'Oh man, I'm so embarrassed about Icelandic women - they always go out and they always drink way too much and make complete fools out of themselves.

"The moment after she said that a drunken girl walks by and does a face plant, 'Bam!' right in front of us.

"I'm in a room full of supermodels who were drunk out of their mind standing on a table, (going) 'Let's get the party started.' I'm like, 'Where have I been all my life.'

"In America, the idea is to get the girls drunk enough to go home with you, in Iceland it's to get the girls home with you before they get so drunk that they're passing out in your bathroom or vomiting all over you."


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