2. jún. 2010

Eric Clapton - Forever Man - [Jeff Porcaro (drums) & Donald "Duck" Dunn (bass), how's that for a pocket!!]

Music video

This was Eric Clapton's first music video, showing Clapton himself performing the song with Donald "Duck" Dunn, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Omartian, Steve Lukather, Shaun Murphy, Yvonne Elliman and Marcella Detroit in a circular stage that in the center had a step, this is where Eric Clapton is performing, the other members of the band are a step below.

This video was directed by Godley and Creme, and it was the only music video made from this album.

"Forever Man" was performed twice by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood during their second US Blind Faith reunion tour at Madison Square Garden, NYC, February 25th-28th, 2008 and their 2009 US Summer tour (featuring Sharon White and Michelle John on backing vocals). Clapton also performed the song at the Royal Albert Hall in February 3, 1989 with Mark Knopfler on rhythm guitar.

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