3. jún. 2010

The Internet: Where religions come to die

The Internet: Where religions come to die
-Kinda speaks for itself.

Clips taken from
Godzilla of course :-)

'the end of the world cult'
Fascinating documentary about some guy who claimed to be jesus (one of many) and predicted the end of the world a couple of times. The interesting conclusion (other than the world not ending of course) was that he was arrested for his sexual abuse of minors. Seeing the 'son of god' go from righteous 'they are persecuting me like they did with jesus' to a man institutionalized in prison, on hunger strike is a fascinating insight into the human mind and the messiah complex.

I would also recommend reading the wiki article on him.... it's captivating stuff!

Jesus camp of course (I'll leave you to find that!)

and Mr Deity (who does some wonderfully funny satire on Christianity).

Turns out he's an ex mormon (damn the typo is so tempting), and has a v. interesting story to tell.


Clip from Richard Dawkins vs the Muslim from 'The Big Debate'

Clip also taken from the simpsons satire of cults 'The Joy of Sect'.

Clip of Bill Maher also taken from religulous.

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