9. nóv. 2013


This is a song I wrote back in 2005 called "Næm" (Naem, pronounced "Naim") ... or perhaps you could try to say "mine" backwards!

Featured on Ian Shepherd's "Home Mastering Masterclass" Recorded in June 2011 and comped together from a few incomplete takes (...and yes you might probably be able to hear the stitches). All instruments in the same room.

My pre amps: 4-710d from Universal Audio & Ensemble from Apogee

Live recording in a rehearsal room. No isolation.

Setting up for recording. June 2011.

Drums: recorded with RØDE NT1-A 1 (overheads), Shure Beta 57A (bass drum) and Shure SM57 (snare).
Tenor sax: RØDE K2.
Electric bass: Demeter Tube Direct.
Nord Electro (keys): direct.

Drums recorded through the 4-710d preamp from Universal Audio.
The rest went through Apogee Ensemble.

Setting up for recording. The Røde K2 ready for capturing the tenor sax.


George L. Claassen: drums
Kolbeinn Tumi Haraldsson: keyboard
Auðun Freyr Ingvarsson: saxophone
Sigurdór Guðmundsson: composer, electric bass, audio engineering, recording, mixing, mastering.

Click the photo to read more about the loudness management used in the mastering process.
Næm on Bandcamp

Næm on Emeraz

Næm on Last.fm

Setting up for recording. June 2011. Control room meets recording room :p)


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