7. sep. 2010

"Uprising" - Muse Isolated Tracks - via Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture Blog

Today we'll be analyzing something a bit more modern than usual. It's "Uprising" by Muse, from their 5th studio album The Resistance. This was the first single off that 2009 album, which was recorded in Italy and topped the charts in 19 countries. The single also topped Billboard's Alternative Songs chart for 17 weeks. This track consists of drums, vocals and bass.

1) The bass is from a synthesizer and it sounds like it's sequenced since it's so perfect.

2) Likewise, the drums are pretty perfect and don't vary very much. In fact, it's mostly kick and snare with the occasional crash cymbal that's mixed low.

3) Good sound on the drums though, especially the snare.

4) Excellent vocal sound. It's present yet doesn't seem too compressed. It's mixed back in the mix, which I think is important for a rock band since the band loses some power if the vocal is too loud. Not so on a pop song though.

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5. sep. 2010

Will Lee & Steve Gadd - Jam Session

This video proves it: good bass and good drums is all you need. Bassist Will Lee and drummer Steve Gadd do a nice little jam, with some commentary by Gadd on the drum/bass relationship.

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