9. feb. 2010

Arena: Brian Eno - Another Green World (video) [via: @prodAdvice]

Yes - another Brian Eno post ! But it’s completely worth it. This Arena documentary about possibly my favourite music producer is simply outstanding - partly because it contains plenty of Eno snippets for the enthusiast, but also because it’s beautifully made and put together - fascinating, intelligently chosen visuals and audio accompany the interviews throughout.

It’s also great for me to see Eno in his Suffolk habitat, because that’s where I grew up, too - and seeing the familiar serene, slightly surreal landscapes accompanied by his music and words somehow makes perfect sense in a way that hadn’t registered with me before.

Favourite moments ? Learning that Eno comes from a family of “postmen with passion”; what the first important musical experience of his life was; what digital technology has in common with plasticene; what some of his favourite productions of all time are; how his Catholic upbringing influences his music; peeking at his bookshelves (and how they are categorised); watching him frustrated by technology (yes, it’s not just us !) including a synth that’s so heavily modified it doesn’t work any more; which 70s book on corporate management gave him the tools to understand a new form of music; how to always hit a bulls-eye with whatever you’re working on; why he loves gospel… well go on then, what are you still reading this for ?!?

Thanks to @madebyrobot and @stretta for pointing me to the video on Vimeo, and  Fjb for uploading it.

Want more ? Get yourself a copy of the Oblique Strategies, watch Eno interviewed by Paul Morley and download a copy of Bloom for your iPhone. Then go and buy all his albums plus an old Revox on eBay, and start making your own tape-loops.

Or, just stop for 5 minutes and listen to what’s going on around you. I’m sure he would approve.

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