16. feb. 2010

Last.fm + Twitter (musicians + bands) - Group on last.fm for musicians that use Twitter & Last.fm to get their music out there!

If you're a musician with a Twitter profile + a Last.fm profile and you have your music on Last.fm, preferably available for full preview and/or free download (at least some of it, you might highly benefit from it), then this group is for you!

Join at http://www.last.fm/group/Last.fm%2B%252B%2BTwitter%2B%2528musicians%2B%252B%2Bbands%2529

Remember to post your Twitter username (or @______)  and link to your music page at Last.fm in THIS discussion thread!

Then your music might just end up in the artist connections (If you're already in the group, and you've left your Twitter name and last.fm music page in the discussion thread and your still not in the connections or the tag station ... give me a shout at twitter @siggidori)


You can also enjoy the Group Radio (It's great! ... of course!)

I'll then try to tag all the artists with the "twitter lastfm" tag..... then you can also enjoy that tag station (work in progress)


If you fail to apply to the group (but you posted your links) or you fail to post your Twitter name and last.fm music page (but applied to the group).... then you might get rejected from the group or your links removed.


While you're at it ... why not become a friend with those artists an last.fm and follow them on twitter as well. :)

I'll then probably welcome new members on twitter via the comments on this post (and perhaps on last.fm as well).


Any questions, comments or suggestions ? Add them in the comments!

Hope you enjoy and discover some new music and musicians!



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