20. nóv. 2009

Menn Ársins rehearsing and composing in Arnarholt in 2006 (@mennarsins)

I decided to dig out this old pictures since I'm going with Menn Ársins to this farm on the countryside to work on some new material and record some demos. I can hardly believe it's been 3 years. I didn't even have kids then! Now I have 2 boys! :-)

I had just recently joined the band at that time (November 2006). I hardly knew all their names and their phone numbers had not yet been stored in the mobile phone :-D

 Here's a short recording from that weekend

That song/jam later turned into the song "Allt að gerast"

This is how it sounds like after we had jammed on it for a whole another year and recorded it, mixed and mastered!

Allt að gerast by Menn Ársins

Add another year ... and few months... this video is from the release concert last January.

I'm looking forward to start working on the new tunes... in fact we've already started.
Now we're just gonna focus a little harder :-)






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