14. nóv. 2009

The calm mouse takes the staircase with the 12 steps. To the liquor store... genius!

Calm Mouse (Live) by Amalgam   (10150 KB)
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The song Calm Mouse was performed by the band Amalgam. The recording is an audience recording from a concert in Vejle, Denmark. (More songs from that concert here)

The horn arrangement was inspired from Chris Speed's tune "Staircase Genius". The bass part had also originally somehow been inspired by Skúli Sverrisson's approach on some of his material.... not that I can really pin point it.

Staircase Genius by Chris Speed   (4631 KB)
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Few years later the song evolves into a song called "12 Steps to the Liquor Store" by Menn Ársins.

Once upon a time in the east...

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