19. okt. 2009

Menn Ársins (Iceland) - Electronic press kit (EPK)

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Contact info
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Lyrics and about the songs
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Music (mp3)
5 live songs + 5 songs from the Menn Ársins debut CD.

Live songs:

1.) 12 Steps to the Liquor Store [live] [download mp3]

2.) Augun opnast [live] [download mp3]

3.) Last Chance to say Goodbye [live] [download mp3]

4.) Póstkort [live] [download mp3]

5.) Running a Motorway [live] [download mp3]

[Download all live songs in 1 .rar file]

Songs from our debut CD:

All the songs from our album can be embedded on websites via:

<a href="http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/augun-opnast">Augun opnast by Menn Ársins</a>
Augun opnast (Eyes wide open)
A song for all the people who say they know the answers to all the big questions about our existence, f. ex. happiness, god, eternal live and free will. Written by one who is still searching.

<a href="http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/running-a-motorway">Running a Motorway by Menn Ársins</a>
Running a Motorway
Everything is for sale - Those who fight for their vision can be bought for the right price. Name yours...

<a href="http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/p-stkort">Póstkort by Menn Ársins</a>
Póstkort (Postcard)
A song for all the young and over enthusiastic people who seek to make this world a better place. Next time they by a T-shirt from one of the big fashion designers with Che Guevara's face on the front, they should take a moment and think about the children in various sweat-shops around the world who slave to make them, for nickels and dimes.

<a href="http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/last-chance-to-say-goodbye">Last Chance to Say Goodbye by Menn Ársins</a>
Last Chance to Say Goodbye
The song is – quite obviously - about the thoughts that go through your head when you say goodbye to somebody for the last time.

<a href="http://mennarsins.bandcamp.com/track/steps-to-the-liquor-store">Steps to the Liquor Store by Menn Ársins</a>
12 Steps to the Liquor Store
You try hard to hide from temptation and stay on the straight road of clean living. But temptation creeps up when you the least expect it and knocks on your door!

Once upon a time in the east.... (crop)
Menn Ársins
Menn Ársins
Menn Ársins
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