31. okt. 2009

Steve Lawson – Jimmy James – Listen at Last.fm [@solobasssteve]

Here's what he says about himself:

Photo of Steve Lawson by Steve Brown - stevebrownphoto.co.uk

…And with that, we’re fast running out of hyphenated descriptions…

I’m a bass player, and much of the time I play solo. I’ve released 10 albums on my own record label, Pillow Mountain Records.

More often these days, I can also be found playing with some other people, most recently with genius American singer/songwriter Lobelia, and with my new trio Lawson/Dodds/Wood.

I’m also a writer, and a teacher (see the links over on the left).

So, here’s what some other people have said about me, to put it in context.

I’m just getting started on ideas for a new album - here’s a youtube video of a fledgling idea:

As you’re looking at the mobile-only version of my site, your options for listening here are a little limited, but you can search the iTunes store for my music if you’re on an iphone, or just visit this site when you get onto a desktop computer for hours and hours of streaming music! The link to my own mobile-friendly web-store is at the bottom of the page.
The rest of the links on each page take you to the different sections of the site. Enjoy, and please let me know if anything seems to not be working – I’ve only just got into this mobile web thing!


You should follow him on Twitter: @solobasssteve

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