4. nóv. 2007

1 ár á flickr - Ég tók saman þennan nördaralega pistil fyrir flickr. Nenni ekki að þýða'ann, en þið eruð nú svo klár...! :-)

1 year on flickr! - 36 most interesting pictures
1. Legend of the waterfall - Skógafoss, Iceland., 2. Night sky, 3. Thoughtful...?, 4. Long shadows, 5. Rainbow, 6. Reykjanes, Iceland, 7. New born, 8. Mud, 9. View over Borgarfjörður, Iceland, 10. Saturday night in Reykjavík, 11. Bifröst, 12. Cliffs on the island Møn, Denmark, 13. Skógafoss, Iceland, 14. Úlfur í afastól og pabbinn prufar nýja flassið, 15. Faxaflói - Clouds over Snæfellsnes, Iceland, 16. Ruins, 17. Fire in the sky, 18. Google girls - "taking photos", 19. Down by the seaside, 20. Mountains, 21. Worm + flower, 22. Tired feet..., 23. Snail and Ribes berries, 24. Esbjörn Svensson - NASA, Reykjavík, Iceland, 25. Fireworks in Iceland, 26. Washing room with a view!, 27. Arty Sunset, 28. The colors of spring, 29. Between..., 30. Super Dexta!, 31. Arndís Ása & Andreas Úlfur, 32. Straumsalir, Kópavogur, Iceland., 33. Himinn og haf, 34. Wooden path, 35. Rocks, 36. Small boats at the harbor

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So! 1 year on flickr! It's been a great learning experience and will most likely continue to be!

I bought a Nikon D80 camera (with the "Nikon DX AF-S 18-135 mm f/3.5-5.6 ED" lens) in october last year and joined flickr shortly there after. The first pictures were uploaded in early november 2006.

To begin with I shot in jpeg format and was mostly using auto or aperture priority settings on the camera. Editing (if any) was done in the Picasa software or in the camera.

In march/april 2007 I started to experiment with the RAW/NEF format and haven't looked back since. Around the same time I also started using the Lightroom software to edit and convert the NEF files (and also upload to flickr).

Last summer I bought the Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D and the "Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 DC MACRO" lenses along with the "Nikon Speelight SB-600" flash.

I also started using (the cameras) manual mode almost exclusively.

Then in late last September I bought the "Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM" lens.

Recently I also started using the Nikon Capture NX editing software and I like it a lot, even though it's a bit heavy on my current laptop. I usually start out by editing the NEF files in Capture, then I'll convert them to TIFF and import into Lightroom where I do some extra editing/tweaking (if needed) and then I'll convert to JPEG and upload to flickr.

SO! I feel like I'm slowly learning and improving by constantly experimenting and by trial and error. Hope I'll continue to do so.

My flickr page is not supposed to be a showcase of my best work/pictures. It's also for general family pictures and ("documentary") stuff like that.

2,112 photos and 25,128 (profile?) views.... I'm not sure what the numbers mean... just for fun I guess. ;-)

So I hope you can find something in my stream that you can enjoy for whatever reason.
Feel free to explore my sets and collections.

See you around flickr!


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