25. mar. 2011

Theme for Ian - moody bass theme in 7/8 for #DRD11

Theme for Ian by siggidori

This is a short little improvised theme I wrote for (or was inspired by) Ian Shepherd and his Dynamic Range Day 2011 project and challenge (@DynamicRangeDay and #DRD11 on Twitter)

The bass line is played on my fretted Lakland 5 string as are the harmonized lead lines. The harmonics where played on my fretless Zon Sonus 4 str. bass.

No loops were used. Few punch-ins and clean ups.

All bass parts were recorded directly to Pro Tools 9 through a Demeter VTDB-2b Tube Direct (boost ON). Fresh set of Lo-Riders strings from DR on the Lakland bass. The Zon bass also has DR strings, probably Hi-Beams, not as fresh though :)

Plugins used on all tracks when mixing:
Reel Tape Saturation (from Avid)
Digi EQ (mostly cuts, HPF, LPF, minor HF boost on the harmonics)
SPL TwinTube
Massey's Tape-Head
VintageWarmer & oldTimer from PSP
The Glue (buss compressor) from Cytomic.

Plugins used for mastering:
MEqualizerLinearPhase, MStereoProcessor, MMultiBandDynamics, MDynamicsLimiter from: Melda Producions http://www.meldaproduction.com/mmasteringbundle/

... oh and the dynamic range:

Peak value: -2.38 dB -2.10 dB
Avg RMS: -14.19 dB -14.01 dB
DR channel: 9.73 dB 9.63 dB

Official DR value: DR10

Enjoy and share!

Also available on last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Sigurdór+Guðmundsson/_/Theme+for+Ian

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